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Still Addicted ^_*

I went to my fave fabric shop and saw this pretty orange mangoe color. I just couldn't help my self . Since, I'm still very much into making Coasters, so I made another orange set.

Beside that, me n my 'stitch n bitch" friends have been discussing about yo-yo..You will marvel at how people creative people around the world can be with these humble YOYO. One of my fave is this one by SEKAR. She's the one who actually sort of inspired me.

And you have to check this lovely blog : POLKADOT PINEAPPLE, Arlette is very generous is sharing her tutorial. I especially love her YOYO QUILT.

Thanks for looking & Happy Crafting

~ ChezVies~

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  1. That orange is beautiful!! Love yo yo's just need to figure out how to make them!


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