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And Here's More Fabric Coasters

These I made for my dear friends...I hope they like it and I'm really fortunate to find such a good souls in this foreign land. What I love most about them is their positive attitude....laugh and laugh out loud a lot...I mean, even though we haven't phisically met, but we speak (almost) constantly on YM, Phone or SMS....Internet really make a big bad world become a little lovely place where we can share our ideas, lifting up each other spirit...showing off our not-so-perfect projects through video conferences....oh yeah..I certainly can't live without internet...^_^. So, girls...this is for you...:

Polkadots Red Coasters & matching Tray Cloth
I put 3 little yoyo flowers on the tray cloth

Blue Dominos
The polkadots fabric remind me of dominos card. I tried using patchwork here, even though it's not perfect but it's quite addictive to make patchwork. For embellishment, I put graadtion blue crochet lace and decorative stitches around the edges.

Let's play dominos

Thanks for looking & happy crafting

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  1. hi friend i like all ur projects and i follow ur blog regularly


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