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Few little things

Days passed so quickly when you're having fun, right? It's July already...happy independence day to all of you in US of A. Summer holidays has started here, and monsoon rains has come too. The good thing about the rain is it makes the summer a bit bearable hehehe...In NE India we have a very humid summer and if there are less rain it means lots of power cut..:D

Yesterday while passing the mighty brahmaputra river, I could see all the ferries. One week rain and the river already full...just hope it won't overflow to the road.

The brats are having summer holidays which means everyday is chaotic days hehehe..Lots of paper cutting, drawing and mask painting.

Anyway, here are few little things I've made sometimes back and haven't got around to post them.

Placemat for the boys...I know it's pink, but doesnt matter since I like pink and they are still small now..:D

The detail crosstitch border. I took the design from a book

Mobile pouch from left over silk brocade fabric. I did the beading too..

Specs cover

Cam cozy

I guess that's all for today...have a great weekends....

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