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I read one old Femina India and found these very interesting quotes:
Nandita Das (Actress) :”Woman suffer from a deep sense of guilt that stems from an even deeper conditioning. Today’s woman has a double burden of excelling in work place, which is often a male domain and being super wife, mom, daughter-in-law or home maker. The challenge for us is to be ourselves and not feel guilty for what we do or want to do. Let being pretty, smart or sexy NOT be the defining factor of our worth. Instead lets exploring our inner talents and living a life that is more fulfilling give us the confidence and desire to be who we are”

Kiran Bedi (India’s First IPS Officer): “I am challenging myself to traverse many more paths and experience newer routes to determined destinations. Or destiny sent destinations!”

Those 2 quotes really hit me today and made me think, how lucky I am that I've been blessed with the most wonderful husband, who's being an Indian male, never - not even once - trying to clip my wings but intead he gives me wings to fly. I could not ask for more.


Have a great day, everyone...


  1. Isn't it wonderful to have a supportive, loving husband? We are so blessed.


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