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SPRING SWAP ~ from Texas

Today I got this white parcel with USPS logo on it. My first reaction was "but I didn't buy anything online recently". and when I open the parcel..." swap.." I really didn't expect to receive it this early..:) I mean, since I sent out 2 days late..:D.

It was from Shean...and what a treasure it was..:

1. The cutest embroidery...*mental note: must get frame soon*. An angel (just like you are, Shean). I marvel at her patience to do it, all the small details are embroidered with care, with the wordings et al... I LOVE it..

2. The pretty FABRIC. Oh how I love that red one with pictures of the people around the world..and one from India too...;). This just too cute! and the yellow one..simply beautiful. Now my mind already buzzing with ideas..:D

3. For my sons...It's so sweet of her to send color pencil and rubber stars and mats for my sons. My elder one who starts learning spelling says "mama look, star - S _T_ A_R"..yes I said, one sweet aunty has sent these to you...:D

Once again, thank you so much Shean...I hope my parcel will reach you in good time..

Have a nice crafty days, everyone

*** I'm really glad I took part in the spring swap by the 6 o'clock stitch, this is really fun and can be very addictive too..;) ***

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  1. I am so glad you and your sons enjoyed this. I had a great time making it.


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