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Quickie Pouch/Wrislette for dear friend

I made this pouch the other day. Actually I've been wanting to make something for her and her b'day has come and gone and she lives across the 7 seas..:D

She's a crafter herself and she makes beautiful cards. I've been very lucky to receive few of her handmade cards. What can I say..she's really really talented.

Here what I made for her: small wristlet..:D. I used pure cotton fabric left-over from the frock I made few weeks back. The lining is handwoven olive green cotton. I machine-quilted it and put a simple lace there.

I made the label my self. I print it out using fusible interfasing and it turns out ok. Though I am not sure the print will stay on after washing ^_*. But for the time being it serves the purpose..:D

I hope she likes what I made for her...and I still have few more stuff to make..
Until then....have a great day..

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  1. That is lovely!! Really like the handmade label. I've received a few gifts with labels too, it's a nice reminder where the gift came from.


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