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Pirate Ship Projetcs ^_*

Everyday is crafty day if you have a curious 5 years olds who constantly giving you his ideas of making things. He loves drawing & nowadays painting. His favorite objects of course is his superheroes, either superman or Ben 10.

The other day he suddenly told me he wanted a pirate ship. My first reaction was “where am I going to get it from??”. But my crafty mind, fortunately, kicks in and I said “ we’ll make one”, even though I have no idea as yet how to make it.

Today morning, he reminded me that I promised him about making pirate ship. I remember my KG days when we used to make paper boat, now why don't we use a bigger paper to make a SHIP.

So, the 4 of us (DH included) sat down and start the “Pirate Ship Projects”
The material:
1. 1 sheet of chart paper/manila paper
2. Lots of cellotapes
3. Fabric Scraps, cut into triangles & rectangles
4. Few long sticks ( we use sticks from coconut leaves)
5. Glue
6. Scissors

First: Make the Ship (I guess all of you must have known how..I just make a collage pics how I made it) and draw the skeleton (My elder one drew it )

Please ignore the last 2 pics..:D I'm just learning how to make collage :)

Second, cut the sticks into different length and cut the fabrics. Put the glue to the fabrics and stick them to the sticks.

Third: Attach the stick to the ship (to the triangular middle part one) using the tapes .

We made 2 Pirate Ships for both of them and these simple toys makes them busy the whole day playing pirate.

Have a great day…

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