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I've got Mail and bla bla bla

Ahh, finally got around to blog again. A bit busy with my little brats and my sewing machine being wonky for the past 3 days, apparently the bobbin case has got bad and had to buy a new one.

Well, here we go:

First: Yay!!..Got my cute butterflies few days back. Thank so much Lolo, they were soo cute! I love it so much. I’ve been dying to make one butterfly appliqué for my pouch but still hasn’t got around making one, and now this cutie is here I guess I’ll make my self a patchwork bag with that…:)

But I still got 2 smocking dress to make and feel a bit lazy these days, maybe because of the weather, which is super duper HOT and HUMID. By mid morning I already run out of steam :D. It’s just too hot for May, it feels like July!
Second: My best friend has just started her CRAFTY BLOG. She’s heavily pregnant now :D but she’s so full of energy that she has finished 3 ribbon embroidery bags! Mind you, she’s just learning sewing few months back and ribbon embroideries few weeks bag. She’s a fast learner indeed.

Third: Read on the news paper about Nomophobia and google it and VOILA! it is a new desease, or so they said. Click HERE to read more.

Oh and my son's got his last mail SWAP finally, here they are:

Thanks alot Molly and Winnifred, my son really enjoys filing his mail. Too bad I missed the 2nd round of Kids Mail Swap , cos I didn't blog much recently:(. Well, hope she'll have another round though..:D

That’s all, my head is still buzzing with butterfly bag..must make it soon!!..
Thanks again Lolo, you really made my day…

Have a great weekends

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  1. Hehehehehe...I'm so glad you liked the butterflies!! It's my first time doing something like that...

    I can't wait to see how the bag turns out!!


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