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Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day

Well, nothing special actually happened in my home. I got a kiss from my sons and a scream of "Happy Mother's Day Mama"..:D But that was really sweet. Then he told me that he made a card in school but Miss kept it..:D (let's see if today he brings home the card)

Anyway, Finally I have finished and sent the SPRING SWAP (yay!)...but it was 2 days late..:D
So, since I've sent them out I guess I can show off (*_^) abit here..LOL.

I made this Ribbon Embroidery for Shean. I learnt ribbon embroidery from a book and off course You Tube. Thanks to all those creative people around the world who's generously sharing their knowledge.
I hope you like it Shean..:)

(please Ignore the's borrowed from my other wall hanging :P)

And I made this one for Lolo. I have this idea for a long time in my mind : To make flower garden using Indian mirror work embroidery. I made the rough drawing in my sketch book and started doing it. I'm not sure in the beginning how it will turn out, but it seems okay to me. I just sent it as it is, so that (I thought) she can do something about it, such as bags or cushion covers..:D ~ just a thought.

the detail mirrow embroidery

Now I'm back to my smocking projects..:D. I was really envious of people who's lucky enough to own a pleater, but after I read Marie Grace's BLOG, I guess hand pleating is still better...ehm..mainly because now I can't afford to get's more that 200$..(eeewwwww!!). Anyway, here the most recent frock I've finished:

Thanks for looking & have a nice day


  1. Really love your embroideries..:D

  2. *squeal* REALLY?! That's for me? I love it!! I've actually been planning some new cushion covers, and that just might end up on a cushion!

    Thank you.

  3. nice shot on the first pic!!

    happy mom's day!! :)

    say my hello to your son..

    goodnight.. :)

    see yah!! ^^

  4. @ Aunt Lolo: I'm actually very nervous :P I just hope it will reach you save & sound..:D. Thanks

  5. @ Aunt Lolo: I'm actually very nervous :P I just hope it will reach you save & sound..:D. Thanks

  6. Thank you so much it is beautiful. I can't wait to hang this on my wall. Thank you again.



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