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Food for thought

Yesterday I went to Parent Teacher meeting in my son's school and we were given a hands-out mainly about the school's policy and what they are teaching in the upper KG class and the rest is some quote or poems from here and there about parent-children. It's very interesting and some even strike home! here are some:

Most people miss their share of happiness,
NOT because they never found it
BUT because they didn't stop to enjoy it
~William Feather~

Take a moment
(Dr Denis Waitley)

take a moment to listen today
to what your children are trying to say
Listen to them, whatever you do
or they won't be there to listen to you

Listen to their problem, listen to their needs
praise the smallest triumph, praise littlest deeds
Tolerate their chatter, amplify their laughter
Find out what's the matter, find out what they're after

If we tell our children all the bad in them we see
They'll grow up exactly how we hoped they'd never be
But if we tell our children we're so proud to wear their name
They'll grow up believing that they're the winners in the game

So tell them that you love them every single night
and though you scold them make sure you hold them
and tell them they're all right
"Good night, happy dreams, Tomorrow's looking bright"

It is tough being a parents at this time and age, when everything is so exposed. Just yesterday I chatted with my ex-collegue (in Indonesia) and she sort of confused (or I can say upset??) how even the young children compete to the level "what's your latest gadget?". As it is the education fees are getting higher in there, plus the mothers (parents) have to think about "whether my child is in par (about the play thing) with the the other children ". The latest video games, the latest watch, and in the end the moms too will start 'competing'. From the handbag to the Blackberry. For me, personally, this phenomenon is really scarry. We have a bigger worry here : To prepare the children to be able to compete better in the global world. Instead of worry about whether he has the latest Ben 10 wrist watch!!!...I told her so, and she said "but the heart can not lie"..well, what can I do....I think this quote speaks volume:

"Nothing speaks more loudly to a child that a good parent's quiet example"

We (me & DH) are trying our best to do just that...I hope we'll succeed...:)

Thanks for reading this...and all the best, moms....

What we did yesterday:

Pulling out my ribbons collections

tadaa...the three cards for my friend's children

** More photos in my next post..:D **

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