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Feeling down :-(

Today I feel a bit down. I checked my Etsy inbox and got one convo saying that she’s yet to get her parcel from me. It’s almost 1 month. I filed a complain with the post office and I hope someone there will do something about it. For me, selling online is not just about money. The customer’s satisfaction is my UTMOST importance. If my customer(s) don’t get their order or not satisfied with my products I’d rather refund their money.
Today, that was what I offered her. Fortunately she agreed to wait for sometimes. I hope by the time, my parcel will reach her. I think this is the most crucial things in selling online..ehmm..beside photography (at least for me).

Whenever I’m sending the parcel (even for swap) I always take really care, such as make sure I wrap everything in plastic before put it in an envelope and if necessary, during the monsoon season, I use double envelopes and put broad cellotape all over.

I love to send my parcel in special wrapping that I made my self . Or if I don’t have much time, I wrap it using one traditional piece of cloth (gamocha), which is our traditional symbol of friendship, love, respect,etc. Otherwise for small order like trims and ribbons I made a drawstring pouches. I also made a simple Thank You card.

I just hope all my customers will get their parcel in time and also my swap partners. Thanks a lot for your patience and I hope what I have sent you is worth the wait :-)

~ have a nice day ~


  1. You are such a thoughtful seller! To think of even the WEATHER when you wrap your parcels up. So lovely.

    I will let you know as soon as my parcel arrives from the swap!

  2. Usually most people do not take the time to make sure that their customers are address when it comes to service. I think for the most part if I know that something I purchased is on it way I am satisfied and will wait for its arrival I understand postal systems are a freak of nature. You are very thoughtful in your approach and should not feel down about it. I will make sure to let you know when I receive my swap I have a place of honor waiting for it.

  3. OHMHYGOODNESS your package arrived today. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Everything is BEAUTIFUL...the embroidery you did is even more lovely than the pictures you posted. Thank you again!!! There will be a blog post soon, on, and I will upload pictures to 6 o'clock Swap's flickr pool as soon as I can.

    Take care, my friend - you made my day. :-)

  4. @Shean: thanks alot for your understanding, have a great weekends

  5. @Aunt Lolo: Ooh..finally it reached you.It's such a good news..glad you like it and u really cheer me up today..
    Have a wonderful weekends

  6. Thank you so much for the package I received it on Saturday my hubby love it also. It is truly beautiful I have taken a picture of it and will be adding something on my blog. The fabric was beautiful and I will have to find a perfect project for it. Thank you again.

  7. ooohh finally you got them..:) I'm soo glad you like it..thanks for letting me know. you really made my day! ^_^


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