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What are you doing in a "MELA"?

This week is my second week in the Mela with a different group. Here, all these craft shows, exhibition, melas are organized by group. Some organized by state government. The private groups usually run by few ladies, who are homemaker and run their business from home. Well, most of them are elderly ladies..:D
The first day was fun. I got lil customers who liked my skirt very much that she didn't want to take it off and she also like my yellow dress.

Yesterday was my second day, the weather was so bad. Rain thoughout the day, there was even a hail storm in the morning. My elder son got so excited, he screamed "Mama, it's snowing it's snowing"..LOL..poor fellow, he never sees snow as yet..:P

the white hails

All of us sellers really feel very down but thankfully towards the evening the rain stop and the weather improved. It was such a boring day when there's no people streaming in to the stalls, and we were -sellers- just chatting away or just reading some magazine.

She's painting her nails..:D

And I'm trying to finish my smocking dress..:D

and this is I've done yesterday morning..simple skirt..:D

Well, I hope today will be a better day..^_^

Thank you for reading this and have a nice day

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  1. That yellow dress is absolutely darling and I LOVE that pink wrap skirt you just put in your shop. That fabric is BEAUTIFUL!


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