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Weekends Update

I haven’t been well for the last 4 days..:( But today I feel much better after taking much needed rest & just relaxing with the kids. The General Election in our state has come and gone yesterday. I don’t have voting rights so I just enjoyed the holiday but doing spring cleaning, throwing lots of broken toys and torn magazines. Rearranging the store room and my verandah so I have a little space to display my stuff, just in case someone want to come and take a look at my stuff. All these time I just kept them nicely folded in the trunks..:D

I also found few fabrics from my making-pouch-days. I made few pouches for swap with my Indonesian friends when I went home last January and I made for my sisters too.

They made of handwoven cotton and some made of Indian Silk brocade . Handwoven cotton is most sturdy if you want to make bags or purses. I usually made my son’s summer shorts from this type of cotton too. It’s very comfortable.
I have listed few Indian Fabrics HERE.

Anyway, the yellow frock from my previous Post finally finished and my friend was very happy it

and I made receiving blankets for her too. It’s Cotton with cotton voil lining. She’s going to have the baby this summer.

In between making all these frocks I managed to finish one Ribbon embroidery for the Spring Swap and still one more to make..:D Aready got few ideas in mind, just hope I get a little time to do it..:D

This weekends I have 2 frocks to complete, just few handstitching & embroidery to be done and they’re ready for delivery..I just hope my tummy is fine..I stick to porridge and Dal (lentil soup) for my staple today..:D

Have a great weekends

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