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Wednesday Update

I'm in the middle of doing another sewing projects, got stuck for awhile cos I forgot to cut the fabric for the bow..hmm maybe because my tummy is screaming hunger all the time..:P. Anyway, after lunch I dont feel like finishing it..I mean after the heavy lunch I tend to feel very sleepy, so I turn on my netbook and started browsing the FB (I know!! FB is really fun but also time consuming :D), then a bit of blog hopping, check my ETSY and Another ETSY I run with my best friend, Wulan. Both of us sort of MAD about Indian rich culture ( I think that's why God gifted us our DH..:D). Everyday we discuss about different projects, too bad we live in a different city..:(

Today is Bihu holiday so my DH's at home and the kids just cling on to him all the time, and I can do my sewing peacefully hehehhe...The boys have been wanting to make Tom and jerry mask. So today 3 of them got down and made the masks. Dh helped them doing the drawing and cutting and my elder one is doing the coloring. The younger one is a bit fidgety, so as long as his one is done he's quite happy.

Ok, time to go back to work now...I wish I get more time to blogwalk...;)

Thanks alot for stopping by and have a nice crafty day


  1. The new halter in your shop is darling. I love the vibrant colors.

  2. thanks to follow my blog.. :) I love your smocking project.. let me know if that finish..:)


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