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a quick post: HAPPY EASTER ~Edited~

Just a quick post to wish you all a HAPPY EASTER!!...:D

The past week's been very hectic. Finishing all the custom order I received during my exhibitions, everyone want it to be done before 14th since it's our NEW YEAR..err..Assamese New Year and more tunics to make.
These are 2 of them:

Oh and we sent out the KID's MAIL SWAP 2 days late because of BLAST in our neighborhood which make all of us stunned and speechless. It was a terrible terrible thing!!!!!...
My son's handmade cards. I let him choose the embelishments and he loves my trims and buttons so much I literally have to stop him cutting them..LOL

On top of that, my elder son's school has started and he got so excited cos the 1st time he goes by school bus. Thank God, he could get up early on the 1st day it self..LOL . He's a late raiser otherwise, which makes everyone worried, esp. his grandmother (I live in join family). Anyway, all went off well in the 1st day..
Waiting for the bus

Aww...I took lots of photos but haven't got the time to download it...:(

Gtg now...Once again Happy Easter and PEACE to the world...

Have a great weekends

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