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Kid's Mail Swap: Got 3 of them so far

My elder son likes to play "office office", which mean he has his own office "set up" and on "office day" (which mean holidays) he will dress up and sit in his "office table" pretending to write or just doing computer's work. he also collects his father's or uncle's junk letters to put his briefcase.

So Rizqi was so excited the moment my DH gave him 3 envelopes!. He saw HIS NAME was written on it..NOT his father's name or his uncle's ( we live in join family).

Yup, he got his first installment of the KID''s MAIL SWAP: 3 letters from Australia...he's so excited that he kept them in the folder, neatly and carry it around the house and showed them off to everyone...^_^

From Luca
"Ooww...this is Train" he squeels "and this waterfall is just like our Shillong one". and his name pasted on the card made him more excited.

From Hugo

Rizqi carzy about stickers too...thanks a lot. He sticks them in his (steel) cupboard and his scrap books

From Caleb:

We love then handpainting, Rizqi said "ooh I've done this in school too". He seems pretty surprise that somebody so far away does the same thing..^_*

To Luca, Hugo & Caleb Thanks alot and we hope you too got yours ^_^

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  1. Am really glad that Rizqi enjoyed his mail. Luca really enjoyed making his card. We are still on the lookout for his mail. I am sure it will arrive any day now.


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