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Good morning Thursday

Sometime back I went to my regular "button shop" and got a very nice book. Well, VINTAGE pattern book. My "button shop" is a very tiny little shop with lots of sewing and crafting supplies stuffed in here and there. There's hardly any place for us customers to stand. This one particular shop is always rush though. Oneday I happened to ask them if they have pattern book (foreign one) and they told me to come back after fewdays. Fewdays later I came again and he showed me this vintage pattern book...~awwwww~..It's dusty but the pattern is still intack neatly on the back cover...OOohh how I love it....:D

I almost finished with the frock. I made the 3 similar frocks this time, cos from my last exhibition lots of people seems to love this type of frock. Still have to do the handstitching part and some embroidery though. I'm getting better with ruffles ~yay!~ Sometimes the ruffle just doesn't get even at all..and I have to do it all over again..:D anyway, I'm quite happy this time.

Oh did I mention about the new found handwoven TRIM?? I'm so excited about it. It was only few meters left and I just picked it up. This type of trim not always available. In here people use it as a saree border or mekhla chadar border. So we're not allowed to but only 1 m, since it's made to fit few sarees/mekhla. The design is so pretty and it was like love at the first sight ..:D

That's it for today I guess, I'm going to blogwalk a bit and then get down to my daily routines.

Have a great Thursday


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  1. What a find! Those frocks are darling and I love the pillow covers in your shop.


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