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Take the Right Photographs...but how???

~sigh~...I think the toughest part of running an online shop is to take the RIGHT, GOOD pictures!. Yesterday, I spent the whole day just to click few photographs of my stuff which I want to list on my ETSY and my Other SHOP. But as usual it's TOUGH to get the right Lights, angle, background, etc. That's the reason why sometimes I just dont update my Shops..:( I use picasa for editing.

Been fiddling with the hankies I listed HERE. The thread color is actually baby pink and baby I want to
highlight that color, but couldn't get the right background..~sigh*

Here few that I've done yesterday:


  1. Good morning and happy Friday! I feel your pain. Photography is still definitely a weak point for me. I try to photograph as much of my shop items outside as I direct sunlight (the shade on our porch works pretty well most days)...and no flash. Still, many days I'm not entirely happy with them.

  2. Hello, Phi!
    I Think make a photograhp is simple and funny. You need a little experience with your self. Use the SLR digital camera like Nikon D70 or other, try with manual program of aperture size and so on. Good luck!

    bhsa inggrisku korat-karit yo?

  3. You are right about the shots. Your are not bad though. Great stuff. Thanks!

  4. @ the6o'clockstitch: Good morning to you too. Thanks for the tips..:) Will try that for sure.

  5. @ Urban Craft: Thanks alot...:)

  6. I struggle with photos too. I've found that can be helpful in addition to Picassa. The photos with the purple stitching seem to be nice and bright and clear.

    Thank you for mentioning my blog post, by the way.

  7. Hope all is well. Haven't "seen you around" the past few days. Have a great Tuesday. :)


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