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Steering Wheel

My elder son is soo crazy about cars..he collects car pics from magazines, car brochures, etc. He even had one "gear" (broken one). Everyday he will set up his "CAR" i.e: 2 chairs, One Gear Box, and a steering Wheel

One day he came up to me with an idea and a used card board on his hand. "Mama please make a steering wheel for me.YOu know, you just make a circle here and cut it". Well, since it was his crafty idea I dont have the heart to say No. I did what he asked. The next day, he fiddled with the steering wheel and came up to me again. He said, "you know, actually the middle part is not like this. It should be like this and that bla bla bla" He explained to me how the Zen Estillo's steering wheel look like. SO I made it, add the S and he color it. And today he said "The S is not like this, you know. I'll show you one picture and please make one for me". So here is the latest version of Rizqi's Zen Estillo Steering Wheel..

It may be simple and made of used card board, but he really proud of it. And so far he had 2 steering wheels, the other one is Toyota Innova..:D


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