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Shop till you drop at Mela

Okay, so I'm a shopoholic. During my last week's bazaar (exhibition or we call it "mela" here), I collected few stuff from other seller. I think I shop more than I sell...LOL...
Never can resist the urge to buy those lovely stuff made by the weavers...and those pretty fabrics or those gorgeous mekhla chadar.
One lady next to my stall has the most beautiful design of block print mekhla (they are done in silk or cotton). Too bad I don't wear mekhla my self..:(

Anyway, here few stuff I picked up...God help me, next week I will have a nother week of "mela", I hope I will not end up shopping again..

Silk Spun Fabric
Maroon, Darkish Purple, Goldenish Brown

Handwoven Chadar Mising Design, I'm going to make a tunic out of this.:D

Eri silk cushion covers

Handwoven cotton cushion covers

Thanks for looking & have a great day


  1. Those hand-woven cotton cushion covers in red and green are gorgeous!

  2. yes they are...:) can't resist them..:)


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