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Multi Lingual State

I've been writing about multi lingual in my Facebook Notes recently. This fenomenon really intrugue me cos I notice here people can converse using 3 or even 4 languanges simultanously. They can speak in English, Hindi, Assamese, Bengali!!..Sometimes I see 2 people are talking di different languages and still they can understand each other. I mean, I came from a country (I'm Indonesian, now settle in India) which has one National languange. So, I guess, all my life ~ without I realize~ I was "trained" to speak and think in single languange!. While I notice, my Indian husband can swiftly speak in those languages without any difficulties...:D
My sons study in prep school which basically English medium. But the children came from different cultural background who speak different languanges. So, in the school, the teacher use those 4 languanges (english, hindi, assamese and bengali) to make them understand. That way the other children -indirectly- learn other languanges besides their mother tounge and english.
Anyway, yesterday I met my DH client who own a tabloid. The tabloid is written in English, Assamese and Hindi. He told me that I must read it. I said okay, but of course I won't understand the hindi & assamese scripts...:D

The Newspaper

Jade Goody's news in Hindi

Jade Goody's news in Hindi

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