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The Kid's Mail Swap

Got an email from Christie today confirming about my son's swap partner...Thanks alot Christie..:)

I told my lil brat, that he will have 5 new friends. He asked me how come? I told him about the swap, how he will make some picture and we will go to the post office and post to each one of them. He's so excited that he takes out the drawing book and ask "is it okay if I send them Batman or superman??"..ehm..he's still so much into "superheroes" :D For the time being I let him busy imagining what he's going to send to his 5 friends..:D

I think this kid's mail swap is really great idea, it helps today's children to learn sharing and caring, even for someone so far. Make them learn that even though they live in a small town of a faraway country they still can make and have a new friend.

Cheers to Christie...

Have a nice day...

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