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Good morning wednesday

The last 3 days I haven't been able to blogwalk as much as I like it..:D I'm having my first exhibition this year, and it runs for 2 weeks. So till 6th of April I'll be quite busy, but there's always time for crafting ;).

I live in this small city in North East India, and we are celebrating the NEW YEAR called Bihu. This is the time when everyone giving and getting presents...(Yay!!). Usually it's something wearable. I always looking forward for this occasion...well, I'm a child at heart afterall..:P

So, today I got up a bit early and decided to do some "visiting" and "Facebooking". Well, Facebook is really time consuming sometimes..LOL. I mean, meet my old friends, ex-collegues, old flame etc...Back to my blog visit, the6o'clockstitch is having an SWAP, which I definetely will sign up. I love to SWAP...I've done few before which mostly with my Indonesian friends and I post them in my other BLOG

And I love VEGBEE blog too, she wrote an easy dan cool tutorial and the newest one being circle skirt from button down shirt . I came across her blog quite sometime back when I browse around Craftster.

Oopsie...time run so fast when you're having fun..:D I gotta go now..I'll write more about the exhibition and upload the photos later...

Thanks for reading this and have a great wednesday everyone


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  1. I look forward to seeing your photos and hearing all about it. Thanks for joining the Spring Swap!


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