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What's the significant of Indian Sweets? Pertama-tama waktu baru "mendarat" di sini, kalo bertamu selalu di suguhin "sweets" atai Mithai dalam bhs Indianya. India is BIG in celebrating their festivals. Whatever the occasions MITHAI is always there. Misalnya beberapa minggu lalu waktu Rizqi ketrima di sekolahnya yang baru. I went to his current school (shamrock) to tell the teachers that Rizqi got a seat. And immidiately one of them said "Ohh you must give us mithai"..OMG, I forgot all about it. Then immidiately I went to the nearest Mithai shop and bought few packets of mithais.

Besides that, when we go for visiting it is "customary" to take Mithais for the host. When someone in the family is doing well in their exam, when the baby is born, when opening a new shop, when your daughter got a good proposal (of marriage), and all the religious festivals ..Mithais is always there... fact we just finish our second box of new year mithais and opening the next one...hehe...ada yang mau?? please help your self...LOL

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