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Skirt and Skirt

Feel a bit down today. I thought of finishing the dress that I've started, but I forgot to buy the lining fabric, so it's gonna be few days late again:(. It wasnt very safe they say to go to market this week (After last week's blast). Seems I have to wait for a while.
So, few things I've done and I've posted them in my other BLOG, since it's simpler there to upload just the photos :D
Anyway, here are few of them:

White Top

The skirt

Pinafore & pants
I use handloom cotton fabric with typical Indian prints

The Inside & button hole sticth

Other detail

Lolitta skirt

The lining

That's all...and hope you have a better days than mine..:)

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  1. Hey dre! Say,u r a prfct dsgnr! Kudos 2 u!
    I lvd d linin,d skrt n d top.Wow,thy luk so glamorous!
    Btw,m shahrukh rahman,12th kvk.Me n mom had a car acidnt on 26th oct n m bd riddn evr snce :-(
    So i gt net on ma cel n ws browsn ds ste n i cme upon urs.I creatd a blog hre 4 a cntest sm tym bck.I won.Cme here 2 c if it stil xsts.4gt usrnme n paswrd!
    mail me bck if u pls 2


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