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FF # 7 : SIGN in Pizzeria

Aiihh....hampir aja ketinggalan..gara-gara 2 hari kemarin internet connection tiba-tiba mogok:D

Hmm...sempat bingung juga kemarin waktu sempat liat tema FF# 7 yang dihost oleh NING mengambil tema SIGN...hmm...byk sih Sign yang lucu2 disini tapi yach..I dont always carry my cam with me, and if I do, my DH will scowl at me for clicking away in the road..:)) Poor me...Anyway, sometimes back, while waiting for our son in the school, we decided to have a cup of cofee in a pizzaria nearby. And then I found this SIGN which I thought quite cute. I mean, India is very diverse. Some people dont eat pork, some dont eat beef, some even dont have anything with Onion in it..:D

I hope the sign is clear enough, though....

So, here is my entry for FF# 7: SIGN:

Yang mau ikutan bisa klik di SINI

Thanks for looking & Let's Have Fun with Foto Fun..

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