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FF # 7 : SIGN in Pizzeria

Aiihh....hampir aja ketinggalan..gara-gara 2 hari kemarin internet connection tiba-tiba mogok:D

Hmm...sempat bingung juga kemarin waktu sempat liat tema FF# 7 yang dihost oleh NING mengambil tema SIGN...hmm...byk sih Sign yang lucu2 disini tapi yach..I dont always carry my cam with me, and if I do, my DH will scowl at me for clicking away in the road..:)) Poor me...Anyway, sometimes back, while waiting for our son in the school, we decided to have a cup of cofee in a pizzaria nearby. And then I found this SIGN which I thought quite cute. I mean, India is very diverse. Some people dont eat pork, some dont eat beef, some even dont have anything with Onion in it..:D

I hope the sign is clear enough, though....

So, here is my entry for FF# 7: SIGN:

Yang mau ikutan bisa klik di SINI

Thanks for looking & Let's Have Fun with Foto Fun..


few days back, I checked my MP and I saw that this week's FOTO FUN is about POHON (tree). Hmm...this week I'm having my exhibition so what do I do??? When I cross one particular roads which has many BIG trees, I quickly took out my cam and after several clicks I decided this ONE will be my entry for FF# 6...:D

Thanks for looking and Have a nice weekends ^_^

Skirt and Skirt

Feel a bit down today. I thought of finishing the dress that I've started, but I forgot to buy the lining fabric, so it's gonna be few days late again:(. It wasnt very safe they say to go to market this week (After last week's blast). Seems I have to wait for a while.
So, few things I've done and I've posted them in my other BLOG, since it's simpler there to upload just the photos :D
Anyway, here are few of them:

White Top

The skirt

Pinafore & pants
I use handloom cotton fabric with typical Indian prints

The Inside & button hole sticth

Other detail

Lolitta skirt

The lining

That's all...and hope you have a better days than mine..:)


This is photo to participate in FOTO FUN which is Hosted by ICHA. This week's challenge is about AIR or WATER or PAANI <== klik there if you what to participate, ok..;)

About the photo:

I took on our way up to Shillong few months back. It's the picture of BARAPANI -the big water- which strecth up to few kilometres on the way up to Shillong in Meghalaya State. The day was perfect, it highlighted the greenery which looking fresher after heavy rain in the morning.

Hope you enjoy it...thanks for looking..^_^

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