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Few stuff and a little ranting...:D

I haven't posting for a loong time..:D. I made few things and got lil busy with this and that...Anyway, all's well...I'm getting ready for my next exhibition next month, but still hasnt been able to get anything done. My son's entrance for the BIG SCHOOL is on 19th, so inwardly I am quite nervous:D. The system is bugging me no ends, but again I cant go againts it. Well, who am I to complain, rite?? So, till the high n mighty ministry of education do something about it, we ~ parents ~ will continue teaching our toddlers ABC & Math as early as possible, so that our children will get a seat in a DECENT school.
Enough of my, here I made another set of Pink top-pants-stole for the same girl, since her Mom said she love the previous one so much..(yay!!)

And here is inspired by my friend Monika . Well, I dont have maple trees here, but I always love the maple leaves...and its color during fall season. And there's a challenge in Crafsters which I wish I could participate...but I didnt get the time to finish it :(. far here is what I've done...I thought of doing few maple leaves on the upper right corner. *what do you think?*.
In the beginning I was not very sure with the color...but I think it looks ok now..:D
(oops forgot to upload the full fotos...It suppose to be a placemat, btw..:D)

This is a tray cloth...I did post it in my other BLOG. So I hope you dont get bored to see it again here..*LOL* suppose to be some flower but it looks more like chilli tree to me..:). So chilli tree it is...

Thanks for looking...and comment would be nice..;)


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