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What I Made Today

Last week, in the exhibition one of my Uncle's friend came and ask if I can make a dress of her 2,5 years old DD. So, I made this today, and add a dupatta (stole) for her since nowadays she like to dress up like her mother (she always wears salwar kameez). Unfortunately, no one make "salwar kameez" for 2 years old. Well, this is not actually a "salwar" but she said that will do for her DD. *mental note: learn to make salwar :D*

So, today, I made this pair for the little girl..she wants something in PINK..:). It's very simple one. I got the Tute for the peasant top from Vegbee. She has the coolest Tutorial in her blog, btw..:D *thanks Vegbee*

The detail:

That's all for today....I have several projects in mind, hopefully will get them done before November.

My sons singing to me while I was writing this:

In the morning, in the morning..we say good morning

In the afternoon, in the afternoon,..we say good afternoon

In the evening, in the evening...we say good evening

In the night, in the night, when there's moon light

We kiss mom & dad Good Night...;)

So..I guess, I say Good Night too ...;)

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