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Just came back

We just came back from Shillong for holiday. Actually, it's long overdue. Due to my DH hectic schedule in the office, we simply couldn't go earlier. My elder son was very excited the moment we said "we are going to Shillong" since he loves to run around in the Golf link there.


Oh, by the way,  Shillong is a Hill Town, the capital of Meghalaya state in NE India. It's almost 3 hours drives from where we live now. It's a popular destination for weekend gateways because of its weather. It's relatively cold throughout the year. It has the popular CHEERA PUNJI or SOHRA, the wettest place on earth with its natural root bridge, caves, and waterfalls. Too bad we couldn't go there this time.

Anyway, we stayed in Pinewood Hotel. It's a government hotel so the service etc is SO SO, but the good thing is the bathroom is clean..:D. Well, I'm a bit particular about this one since we traveled with children below 5 years:D

The hotel is right in the heart of the town. So it's easy to access. Shillong is not a big town anyway, but it's always more practical to stay in a hotel that has special lawn for the kids to run around, and near the park and shopping area. Ehm...about shopping, my DH said "we are going on holiday, not for shopping..:D" and I said, "Well, that's from man's point of view, from my point of view, a holiday is not complete without shopping"..Rite, ladies?????? So, we spent 2 nights there, we went to Elephant Falls. This waterfall has 3 steps of water falling. The main Falls is right down there. I don't know how high exactly but it's quite tiring. Luckily the weather is such that you don't feel lethargic so much and it's worth it to climb down and up and touch the cool water:D.

Ward Lake for boating & feeding the fish & ducks,

Lady Hydery Park to see the flowers ~ but too bad this time the flower has become bad due to excessive rain,

and to play a bit...

We went Golf Link to run around a bit. It was quite cloudy and lots of people playing golf in one side, foot ball down there and also cricket in one side. It's a sprawling place. It was just nice to sit and watch the kids run around....

And of course the popular Police Bazaar. I visited few emporiums too and got few interesting stuff.

Here are few stuff that I bought: 1. Clock with various pulses inside. I bought this from a souvenir stall at the Elephant Falls owned by an elderly Khasi Lady:

2. Craft books/magazines. Found them in one of the old dusty bookstall. The magazines are secondhand of course, but it's still in good condition with the pattern attached. So I just couldn't leave them behind, though my DH make faces at me...:D

I think that's all for today....:) Thanks for dropping by and Have a Nice Day

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