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Lunch Bag, Purselette & Pouch

Finally after weeks of laziness, I decided to come back to make something in my sewing machine.
And here what I come up with:

1. Small lunch bag (or you can use it as diaper bas as well ~ its quite spacious). I use casement fabric. I did the applique and embroidered the leaves. I thing the applique flowers are too big..:D Anyway lesson learnt, next time I'll make better one (hopefully..;)


2. I have this black n white handloom fabric for quite sometimes now. I wanted to make pouches/purse with it, so here the first two of my pouch
cosmetic pouch triagle side
Thank to Wulan for giving me the idea about the detail/zipper. :D

the purselette/wristlette. The same size (18 x 13 cm) with straight side

the detail

I cut another one but I run out of zipper..:D

Hope you like it. Comment would be nice and very much appreciated...
Thanks for looking..;)

Have a nice DAY

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  1. keren semuwahhh!!! btw sejak aku liat banyak yg pinter jahit di blog jadi terinpirasi belajar jait hehehehhe, telattt dwehhhhhhhhh dr dulu diajarin mamiku selalu aja ngelak mulu :(


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