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Bags and everything else

Been making lots of small bags (pouches) these days...and busy with my first venture HERE, and my exhibition next month..I feel like 24 hours is never enough if you have to do all by your self. Anyway, my dear Mom inLaw is really BIG support since she helps me a lot with looking after the kids (though I have maid, but can trust them nowadays??), so that I have a little time to do this and that..:) ..thats including Blogging and I'm too much into blogging in my other BLOG nowadays. And I got lots of stuff to upload to my ETSY shop and havent taken any photos cos my cam just refused to work. Thankfully my Dearest Hubby got another one for me after seeing me struggling with editing each and every photos I took using my handycam..:X Isn't he sweet??
OK enough about ranting, now I want to talk about these little bags I made. Well, one is finished and when I pulled the zipper, i just gave away!!!.Now what do I do?? I hate ~repeat H*A*T*E ~ opening it again since it means I have to open everything and start making it all over again. So I do the next best thing, by putting it away till I got better idea what to do with it. *Anyone ???*

so, here they are: (pssstt! the stripe one at the back is the one having prob. with the zip:D)

Oh and I started learing CROCHET too, by the way. I've seen my friend here making pretty crochet stuff that I decided I have to learn. Well, this aunt of my DH knows about it and she tought me a little bit before she went to visit her DD, so here it is:

I did the neck line and the mirror work (what's the best word to describe it actually??) just to give a little accent there. This is is my fave fabric. Pure cotton with this print. Though it's quite common here in INDIA but still I love the print. I had one in Pink and Green too...:D. If you like it, you can take a look at the detail of the tunic HERE

Hmm..that's all for today...hope you all have a great weekends...just remember: Stay healthy, eat healthy and Have a nice CRAFTY day...;)

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