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Wall Hanging for personal swap

Seems I'm in embroidery mode this time..:D and I really enjoyed making this one. I made this for personal swap with my friend . I took the design from the same book as my previous post. The book is full of this pretty designs that when I saw it I feel like doing all of them..:D

And the sad thing is my digicam is stopped functioning 2 days ago and I took it to the service centre and hopefullly they'll be able to mend it...I took this embroidery using my handycam which somehow the color is not as bright as I'd like it to be...Anyway..I hope she will like it, though blue is not ger fave color..I know, I should've asked her in the first place..and I think I'm gonna making it up with something...(its secret projects ~ once done I'll post it here ;))

So..tadaaaa .....:
I put it on a mock frame using yellow manila paper
(dont have the blue one)

The design from the book:)

The details...the gold thread really brighten up the whole thing:)

Thanks for looking and HAVE A NICE DAY


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