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I've done it

Finally I've done it...:D. Few months back I bought patterns from Etsy and one of them was baby frock with smocking design. The pattern was fab and I badly wanted to try it, but I've never done smocking before. And ne day I got this perfect fabric which I thought will be good for my 1st trial so I just cut it out according to the pattern, read and re-read the instruction carefully...and after lots of un-pick moments here is my 1st ever smocking...*LOL*...Hope you enjoy it..:D

The frock...
please dont mind the dirty wall. Been trying to clean it up but somehow my sons manage to write something on it again and again...

The detail
I think I should've used more strands..I really have no idea about this.

So that's all for today.....have a great weekends...~_*

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