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I've done it

Finally I've done it...:D. Few months back I bought patterns from Etsy and one of them was baby frock with smocking design. The pattern was fab and I badly wanted to try it, but I've never done smocking before. And ne day I got this perfect fabric which I thought will be good for my 1st trial so I just cut it out according to the pattern, read and re-read the instruction carefully...and after lots of un-pick moments here is my 1st ever smocking...*LOL*...Hope you enjoy it..:D

The frock...
please dont mind the dirty wall. Been trying to clean it up but somehow my sons manage to write something on it again and again...

The detail
I think I should've used more strands..I really have no idea about this.

So that's all for today.....have a great weekends...~_*

What I've been busy with

Well, I haven't written for few days. Been little busy with few projects that I have and yesterday got a good news that I get a stall in a craft show here. It's quite difficult to get one here unless you have known people who will kind enough to introduce you to the organizer. This one Ava aunty had done it for me. Thanks a lot aunty..:) so now I will have to get my sewing machine running full speed... are few things that I've made and managed to take photo...frankly I'm not very good with this photo thingie..;P...

This small pouch I made for a friend. I embroidered it my self with design based on a book "The beginner's guide to freestyle embroidery" by Christina Marsh. I added few leaves and dots here and there. The fabric is upholstry raw silk fabric. The color is pastel green. I hope it shows in the photo..;)

this is the original design

This one I did the embroidery based on our old pudding bowl..:D. I wanted to to it for along time. This is only my trial. I'm going to make it again maybe on silk or linen (for napkins??)

Last week was my friend's DD 5th birthday. So I made her this pinafore and added monogram of her initial and put on a little roses there. The roses are readymade embroidery applique....

Here is the detail. Oh and I did button hole stitch all around the armholes & neck lines....isn't cute???

My 1st Silk Ribbon EMbroidery

Sometimes back I bought this nice book on Silk Ribbon embroidery and jusy the other day I got the time to try it. It's not really difficult...and I have more projects coming...
here they are...hope you enjoy them and do leave some comments;)

On white aida cloth

The first one..not that tidy

and the book...:D

I still need to buy more ribbons....;)
Till then....
Have a nice day

New Collections...(yay!!)

These are new collections for my shop. No's not made by me, but by my Aunt's Sister...she's very talented and very good in making all these small dresses (size: new born to 3T). I'll put them all up here for you all to see....If you are interested just leave me a message;) In the mean time I also keep sewing my small dresses and few purses on the pipeline..:D

1. Polka dot white and blue

The detail

2. Pale Yellow with smocking design

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The detail
3. Sky Blue for new born with smocking design
Smocking Design

These dresses are simple yet very cute...I mean, in these days where malls are coming up with hundreds of choises for baby clothes, these simple handmade dress is still very much in demand:) at least here where I live..;)

That's all for today...I'll update more the mean time lets pray that the viral will go away....;)

Wrap around craze...:)

Been sewing few wrap around skirts these few days...Its the easiest and quickest skirt to make:D I'll make the tute when time permits...cos these few days viral flu seems linger in our house..:( one by one we got the nasty viral...ugh..hopefully my elder son will stay ok, cos he'll have his "exam" next week...pray for me...
Oh and I've been sewing like crazy and have all projects line up..I hope to have an exhibition next month...(yay!!)..pray for me, folks...

*got few more skirts, but havent taken the pics..will update again later..:)*

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