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Quickie PJ Pants Tutorial ~~for toddlers

PJ Pants is the easiest to make…it takes hardly 1,5 hours from drafting the pattern to stitching.
I just would like to share how I usually make PJ Pants for my toddlers.

So, here we go:
You need:
1. Marker pen
2. Tailor chalk (If I don’t have one, my son’s crayons make a good substitute..;)
3. News paper
4. Pins
5. 5/8” width elastic
6. Scissors

Now we can start:
1. take out your toddler’s PJ Pants which fit him/her and fold it

2. Trace the PJ pants on to the paper and cut it off --> like this

3. Fold the fabric into half & Put the pattern on the fabric with the straight side on the fold -à add 1” seam allowances** For the waist side add 2” seam allowances**

4. Put right side of fabric together, pin the upper part and stitch along the side up to the crotch part

Stitch along the blue line (I hope it's visible enough..;)
5. Open and match the stitching, Open the seam

6. Stitch all along the leg inner seam.

7. Hem/stitch the leg bottom. I dont have serge machine so I double fold & stitch it.

8. Fold inside the waist and stitch it around the waist, leave +/- 2” opening to insert the elastic.
Insert in the elastic and stitch close the opening.

VOILA, your quickie PJ pants is ready..:D

with the peasant top (I made with the tute from HERE)

Another PJ Pants ~~ this one is 3/4 PJ pants

** If you don’t have serge machine just zigzag the fabric to avoid fraying or just cut it crisscross