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**My Embroidery**

I learnt embroidery from my sister-in-law. She's got such a good hand and her emboidery is very fine. Mine is still far from that but I'm working on it (whenever I feel like doing :D) are few of the emboidery I've made last year:
  • I made plain white top then I embroidered the front collar part. I took the design from Ondori Embroidery book. It's very simple satin stitch with cotton embroidery thread

and here's the closer look at the emboidery

  • This one was plain top gifted to me by my sister-in-law. So, why not do some embroidery on it I thought. I draft the simple design my self and I didn't want something too bright. So, here it is now...just a little embroidery can brighten up a simple top, rite??

and here's the close up view...;)

  • This one was a challenge, the color is such that I didn't find any suitable colors that will look good on it. I tried to embroider few flowers with different design in the beginning but it was looking so horrible. So, I unpicked everything, washed it and then I decided that the same color thread will do for this...and i took me alooooooong time to finish this one too..:D and the result is not so bad, at least I think...;)

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