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Another Diapers Bag

Finally I finished my drawstring Diapers Bag with matching baby quilt/changing mat today...The quilt was my first try but I'm very happy with how it turn out. The quilt blocks I use here are from here . She made quilting look so easy. I think I have to start join the quilt along in her blog. So here is the final result of my first quilt:

And about the drawstring bag, I took the idea from my sheepskin bag. It's fully lined and has lots of pocket in the inner side to hold to bottles, diapers, etc..The Fabric is pure cotton so it's washable...:). So, what do you think??

Thanks for looking and let me know what you think..

Have a nice day

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  1. The Next Woman Entrepreneur from Guwahati...look at her handmade creations...I'll bet you wanna try to learn stitching too!'s contagious!


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