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No time for craft

*sigh*..I miss my sewing machine...This holiday seasons really make me busy, first coz my maid has gone home for x-mas and will be back on the 30th (hopefully) since we'll have small new year party...well mainly for our house-staff alias PBT..he he...They've been bugging us with this idea, so this year we will concede and will have a lil party. My BIL (bro in law) already made the garden lit up with lights. My sons got very excited..mainly becuz they wait to switch on the light in the evening hehe... So this few days I will just run around after my little BRATS...since raihan is very OUTDOOR little person, so half the time he was outside..picking up fallen fruits, digging my MIL flower beds and spoil them, cycling around and playing toy golf which in the end always end up fighting with Rizqi over the golf sticks...*ouch*....

My mind is buzzing with ideas and I already bought few fabrics. Just can't help my self yaaa....whenever I see nice beautiful unusual fabric I just have to buy them...and INDIA is full with all of these pretty fabrics...eventhough I live in the small nook of India hehe...I got crepe fabrics with paisley prints, leopard prints (which finally I gave it to my tailor with painfully explain to him what sort of cut I want...U know they speak ONLY their language, so U can well imagine I try my best explain to him in Englsih, hindi, Assamese and SIGN language hehe....) and i got this pastel yellow wool fabric and white check wool material...

Hopefully I will have some spare time next year so I can do some cutting n sewing again....Wanna try to make few more purses or tote bags...and I'm still continue putting beads in my hijab (jilbab) little time soooo many things to do....Hum kya karoooooo....he he



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  1. hey..good work done. I did'nt know ur quite creative..must c ur designs during my next visit..might pick up for myself.Till then take care n all the very best..


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