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Sunday Stash 15 - Indian saree Ribbons and Laces


I've been doing a lot of destashing in the last few months and I will still be doing it as time permits for me to take proper photos and add them to the shop. 

In the meantime, I have these ribbons and laces that are now available in the shop. 

Destash - 2 Meters Embroidered Ribbon
jacquard ribbon
Destash - 2 Meters Embroidered Ribbon Yellow Green Floral with Goldren thread
Embroidered Saree Ribbon
4 meters - saree embroidered lace ribbon
Embroidered Saree Lace

Destash - 2 Meters Embroidered Ribbon
Brown Jacquard Ribbon

More will be added from time to time. All those ribbons and laces are perfect for embellishment on dresses, bags, card making, etc.
Make sure to check out the SALE section in the shop to see more destash fabrics and sewing supplies. And yes, I do ship worldwide from Chezvies Webshop.

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Happy Sunday!

~ Elvira ~

Handpiecing Applecore Patchwork - WIP

It all started with this photo in pinterest and I just know I had to make one like that. I know applecore is challenging, but when you can't get it out of your head, you just have to do it, right? 

I bought the apple core template stamp from Tokyo last January, took out one of my jellyroll stock and got down to work. I started this project last September.

I must admit, the stamp really helps a lot. I hate tracing pattern or templates and for this one, it is quite small. But I love working with small pieces of fabrics. 

I searched for tutorials on how to do hand piecing for apple core but could not find one, so I just jumped in and started doing. At the beginning, it was all wonky but as I keep going, I am getting better :)

I always want to try hand piecing and  even though it's challenging, I find it calming. It's nice to be able to sit and steadily sewing without rushing. 

It's going to be another quilted bag and I almost finish with the first panel. I want to finish it at least by New Year or 1st week of January. 

A few tips for you who wants to start this apple core block is "clip the valley and notch the hill" . That will make the stitch line neat. I will take picture and share in the next post update! Let me know if anyone wants tutorial or video tutorial in the comment below. 

Ah, yesterday I showed hubby my progress, and he asked, "how much time  do you need to make that?"  and I said "16 episodes of Korean drama"  LOL.

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Happy Sewing!

~ Elvira ~

Yuwa Crossbody Bag and Evening Purse


Yuwa Micci Collection Bag
Cutting a fave fabric really make me nervous. Because nothing should go wrong. I was thinking for a few days what projects would be best for this Micci Collection from Yuwa Fabrics that I bought from my trip last year. 

Purple Wristlet

I have 4 colors in the same print, I chose this brown background first to make a clutch using the same pattern as the Monochrome Wristlet. I used grape color handloom fabric as accent fabrics. 

To complete the look, I added a short PU leather strap which has pretty pink flowers on it. It  makes a perfect evening bag!

image 0
Kawaii Sling Bag

The second one, I wanted to make a mini sling bag. I made a pouch with similar pattern before, this time I made it slightly bigger. Maybe I will tweak the pattern again and make it a medium size one. What do you think?

But I love how this cute cross body bag turned out. I can fit in my One Plus 3 phone nicely and the interior zipper pocket, can be used to keep cash or cards. 

I added both the evening bag and the small sling bag in my Etsy Shop. I'll be adding more  products using fun prints in the next few week, Insha Allah. I need to sew all those pretty fabrics, right?  

What about you? What is your recent finished project? 

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Have a nice day!

~ Elvira ~