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It's already March!!

Where did February go?? 28 days passed so fast. I always feel the first 3 months of the year is the slowest but looks like it's different this year. 

I had an amazing time in Japan last January . It was a dream trip since I always want to see the Tokyo International Quilt Festival and yes it's worth every penny.

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I went alone from India all the way to Japan and met my friend who was traveling solo from Indonesia. We planned to see the show for one day and then we'll check the fabrics stores around Tokyo, but we ended up 2 full days in the show. Yes, you need at least 2 days to see (almost) everything to see the displayed quilts and the market stalls...ahh there was just soo many amazing handmade stuff there.

Here's some of the photos from the show :

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And the booths :
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and of course we visited all the Fabric "shrines" where ever we went. We discussed our itineraries for months out of excitement and all the historical shrines suddenly forgotten when we knew there were fabric stores in vicinity LOL. Well, I can go  back with the boys for those historical places, right? 

Truthfully, the show is sort of one stop shop if you want to buy any craft supplies, fabrics and meet the designers. Oh yes, I met the Suzuko Koseki. I've been a big fan of her works and she was such an awesome person. So humble and obliged when I asked for a photo. I bought 3 of the recent books too. I'd love to go back every year if I had my way LOL.

Besides, where ever you go in Japan, there is always fabric shops. The famous one would be Yuzawaya. You can find it almost in every city, I guess.

In Kyoto, my fave would be Nomura Tailor. It's the best. I don't remember which bus we took, just consult your Google Map (thank you Google) when you are in Kyoto. 

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and of course one have to Visit Tomato in Nippori. It's fabric heaven!!
The only thing to remember is in Nippori the shops closed at 5 PM. Some of the shops closed at 6 PM and some at 8.30 PM,

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So you have to think and decide fast when you have little time ^___^ 

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That's the most difficult part of fabric shopping in Japan. To buy or not to buy. 

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While choosing all those beauties, my mind did quick calculation - will it be over luggage (I was allowed 30 kg) , do I still have balance in my card - some of the shops accepted cards payment (to my hubby's dismay) 

So, I came back home happy with full suitcase of fabrics, books and memories and empty bank balance. 

Now, I better get some sewing done 

Stay tuned for exciting offer in my next post ^^

Happy Sewing