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{Mini Tutorial} Let the Tape be my guide

I've read about painter's tape used as a quilting guide and got a chance to try it out today. The thing is the painter's tape which available is not of good quality and I don't have a masking tape. I have cello tape. That should do, right?
Now if you use this tape, don't press it so much, as it works only as guide. You don't want any residue sticking across your quilt, right?

Remember the edge of the foot should fall exactly in the edge of the tape Don't put the foot on the tape because it's slippery and the foot won't glide. I did that in the beginning  and had to struggle a bit
So, I finished quilting it quite fast . I am not very good in eye-balling my stitch, so this tape is really my savior.
Now I want to do that wavy curvy stitch for the border and here's what I do
1. I cut the used tape (it's got batting all over it so it's not sticky => easy to cut) according to what I want to do

2. Change my foot to darning foot {R foot in m…

{TUTORIAL} Mini Quilt Mitered Corner Binding

Here a picture tutorial on how I (usually) do my binding. Before binding your quilt, few things you must remember : - if you use cross cut binding - that is you cut your binding across the width of fabric (WOF) - you have to make sure grain is straight. 
- Depends on the thickness of your quilt, cut your binding fabric either 2.25" or 2.50" x WOF
- Attach your binding by machine on the FRONT SIDE of the quilt
Let's start: I always fold diagonally in one end 

and then fold and iron the strip
 I always start my binding from the middle. 
The clip really helps to hold it together if you hate using pin This folding outward-inward is tricky do it neatly, since this will decide how your mitered corner will look in the end
Once you get use to it, you can do it pretty quickly
the pink dot is your pit stop ^_^
my fave foot. It's great for binding too since it holds up the binding pretty well

Remember, always start sewing the binding 3" from the beginning of your strip
When you reach…

Nice and Bright Quilted iPad Sleeves

I love the process of making this sleeve

The moment she said she wanted something in fuchsia, orange and blue I started pulling fabrics from my stash you won't believe it, Indian fabrics have a LOT of shades of fuchsia

I was like "which one is more fuchsia, should I go for the darker one or the lighter one" she wanted something like the coasters

Once I decided on the fuchsia and orange batik, I had to pull out blue fabrics again it was a battle for me And I found this solid blue cotton hidden in my solid stash just the right one!

I like to hand sew my binding unless it's a big quilt ^o^ I always leave the hand sewing part at night when I can quietly sew and watch my favorite drama

ah now, it's done and delivered it's a good feeling to think that I - who live in the corner of North East India - made something for someone so far away

"if there's a will, there's a way" Now I truly believe it! 

This iPad sleeves is…

{SWAP} having fun with mug rug

Second Fun is I joined this mug rug swap in Desi Quilters. We have to make 2 mug rugs for our secret partner Ah, it's been a while since I do swapping
I have this postage stamp blocks, so I decided to make from those blocks. I wanted to make something modern  and here's the result:
This was inspired by Suzuko Koseki book. I love how simplicity can be really pretty. The red riding hood was a last min addition. While I was straightening the block, I saw this Red riding hood strip peeking from my scrap bin and voila, it gives a cute addition, doesn't it?

I have a little left of the pink roses fabric and I thought it would be nice as a backing and binding. Quilt it using straight lines 1/2" apart. 
Second mug rug, I was thinking of doing the same, then I saw the star strips from the wallet I'm making, so why not make a star roof?  

My son said "Hello Kitty in the house" (see that hello kitty in the second row?) The grey fabrics are left over binding strips …

Hello December

Time flies when you're having fun This is one fun I had in the past week
Mini table topper made for Desi Quilter's Spread Some Cheers which sponsored by The Square Inch. This program is to help raise fund for Swanthana, a home for physically and mentally challenged girls based in Bangelore. If you'd like to participate, you can read more further information HERE
I sent this cheerful table topper to sell at the school fairs and the proceed will go to the Home. Hopefully it will fetch a good sum. 

I made this based on Quilting in the rain's Book "Quilt as you go made modern"  It's very addictive. I plan to do the quilt along, but I will take my time. It's going to be my fun projects. 

You know when you're doing the same thing all the time and you need to recharge by doing something fun. 
I tried different decorative stitches here and it was a lot of fun!!

 I always love Rita of Red Pepper Quilt's binding and how fab it is. If you notice, my p…