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Mawlynnong and living root bridge

Finally I got to visit the famous Mawlynnong - the cleanest village in Asia - which is in our neighboring State of Meghalaya. I've seen many few post doing around on facebook. so, last Diwali holiday we - finally - went  to Mawlynnong in East Khasi Hills 
Mawlynnong is 3 hours drive from Shillong. The long winding road with spectacular  view is well worth it. 
It was a clear sunny day when we went

you will see few house (huts?) after a long stretch of empty land

it's like a never ending road

with blue and green  silhouette of hills

there are few small towns in between. 

And finally we saw the sign

And after 3 hours, this is what you find in the deepest East Khasi Hills
A clean village with not a single drop of leave on it's pathways

and the bluest sky 

Bamboo bridge sky view

where you can see Bangladesh land from the top

and the next STOP is Natural Living Root Bridge 

narrow stones pathway leading down to the bridge

Apparently there are few bridges like this one. Few of …

WIP update

Which part of quilting is your favorite? I love the piecing part  putting together small fabrics into something bigger is really exciting

and playing with them in my "small" DIY design wall is so much fun

I told you about the Quilt as you go made modern QAL in my previous post
the mug rug I made as trial I gift it to my sons' piano teacher as a thank you gift The Big R has recently passed his 1st grade Trinity Exam with 80% marks  He did well, in spite of him having school exam at the same time
So, I made another one for the QAL, but got carried away =,= the size is too big!

I think I'm going to go with 9" block finished size I got all the strips ready

Meanwhile, I finished piecing half of this quilt another 3 sets (12 blocks) to piece that will have to wait until I'm back from the holiday

I'm trying to get organized here besides the small quilt projects  I'm trying to piece at least 2-3 blocks of the bigger projects
I guess doing several projects t…

Lots of brightness

I've been making mug rugs and coasters for the past 2 days

I love making mug rug and coasters mostly, I made for gift and for home
I love using these folded coasters as candle mats

the handmade candle I bought from one lady I met when I was having local craft show
And who doesn't love mug rug? 

I used a lot of mug rug. Some of them are gift 
 I have one in my room which I use to cover my mini chest drawer one next to my laptop as mouse pad One I use as a mat to put my study lamp

Now, I started listing them in the SHOP

 I'll be making a lot more  since I love gifting them to my customers too and they always love it

once more shot of the mug rug the denim blue fabric is shot cotton or we call it handloom here in India
Ah, nothing like India when it comes to fabrics unique prints and vibrant colors even after 12 years, I still go mad whenever I visited fabric market

I have 7 mug rugs but only listed 6 of them  I'll be keeping one since the same fabric is no longer availa…

My Bundles of Joy

Yup, I've been busy pulling, ironing, folding and cutting fabrics to make fabric bundles for my Etsy Shop
I've been putting this off for several months since too busy doing lots of things *wink*

There are Fat Quarters, Fat Eighth, and Charm Packs at the moment

Believe me, running your own Online Shop is no joke. Right, you can work on your own time, no boss, wearing your Pj with messy hair bla bla bla B.U.T It is a L.O.T of work 

starting from purchasing the fabrics, ironing, carefully cutting, folding, storing, taking good pics, editing, listing until send it to customers. Since it's one woman show, sometimes it's frustrating. 

And when you do sell handmade like I do, there are more works.  since I am doing the role of CEO right up to the packaging and cleaning lady ;). Luckily the hubby is willing to be my delivery guy {love u, hun}

Well, that's a little bit of behind the scene stories. All those pretty pics of fabrics and handmade stuff you see in ETSY shops  h…

No rocket science

I've been posting wallets on my Facebook Page and a lot of people ask how did I do my binding. Well, it's quite easy, basically like binding a quilt. I used to use single fold binding but now I find using a DOUBLE FOLD bias binding is easier. About how to make continues bias binding, I talked about it in this POST.
I cut the binding fabric 1.5" wide or 1.75" wide if the wallet is thick to make 1" (++) binding. Using double fold binding makes it easy for you to maintain an even width binding.  Second tip is alwaysneaten/straighten the edges before attach the binding. That really makes a difference.
Here, I will just show you how I do it ^_^. Insha Allah next time I'll make a better tutorial.

For wallet, I always machine stitch the inside and then turn it around and hand stitch (slip stitch) on the outside. I find that neater.
See, it's super easy all you need is a little practice and patience ;)
Anyway, I've been wanted to try quilt as you go and hap…

Around The World Blog Hop

Last week I got inbox from Madhu asking if I’d like to join the AROUND THE WORLD BLOG HOP.  I was excited and readily agreed cos I've been reading postings from bloggers around the world. it's fascinating to read their blogs and you can learn a thing or two from them. {see, this is why I love blog more than micro blog } 
Madhu Mathur is one of the quilt artist in India if I may say so. Her works are one of a kind {OoAK} , very neat and her choice of color is superb. She’s meticulous in her work. Check out her BLOG to see her work or her facebook page for updates on her projects.
The rule for this blog hop is quite simple, you just have to answer these 4 questions. Well, it  looks simple but –for me- I am quite nervous =,= .
So, let’s start:
1.       What I am working on? tell you the truth, I always have dozen things going on.  Besides doing my custom orders for my Etsy shop, I have lots of other projects {mostly quilting} which keep be distracted busy *ahem*. One project …