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Let's get some UFOs done

How many UFO projects do you have?  Me? Umm...more then a dozen, at least -_- I have mostly small orphan blocks from trial and error. I think I am going to make a pot holder and dish mat with that.
OK, lemme start showing off now ^_*
These 2 table runners were  meant for a bigger quilt but I get distracted, besides I don't have enough space in the house to keep big quilts. 
D Pink, blue and yellow looks very refreshing. Simple disappearing four patch which I did after watching video tutorial in MSQ youtube channel.  Hey, don't you love how Jenny makes quilting look so easy??!!

and I got a matching backing fabric
Second one is this yellow and blue pinwheel. I was obsessed with these two colors few months back ^v^ and cut a whole bunch. Since big quilt is off, now I can make more blue and yellow mini quilts. 

I quilted using decorative stitched. I was going to do serpentine stitch but forgot to change the setting and started with straight line. I was too lazy to unpick it (wh…