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DQ Sunny Bee - Blue and Yellow Flower Marble Star Tutorial

Hello everyone..
I've been wanting to make this blue and yellow combination since I saw one wall design in one restaurant here in my town. Sunny Bee is a perfect time to make my dream block into reality. It's pretty simple one. Since I'm not very good with words, I took few number of pictures which I hope will be helpful.  This is similar to my QAL's in Desi Quilters, but instead of using flying geese method I used  5" squares and 4.5" squares. 
Let's do it...
WHat you need: 1. Solid white poplin cotton 2. Navy blue floral cotton 3. Yellow floral cotton
I'd love poplin kind of cotton which is easily available in India. 
A.  Cut the fabric according to the pictures:
 1. White Poplin - 4 (5" x5") 
           2. White Poplin - 4 (4.5" x 4.5")
3. Floral Blue - 4 (5"x5")
4. Floral Yellow - 4 (5" x 5")
Finished block size : 16.5" x 16.5"

B. How to do it
1. Make HST but pairing (right side together)  each fabr…