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Some more patchwork

These are 2 more patchwork projects I have finished recently.

Pinwheel table runner

hand quilted, this one now available at the SHOP

Triangle Pouch is sort of hold-all pouch. The size is very generous, great to hold all your craft tools

Still remember the Handmade Label Tutorial? I'm getting better..;)

Ok Ladies, now time to take those restless kiddos out...catch you later..have a great weekends

Tutorial: Make your own flowing skirt

I remembered when I just passed college and was looking for a job. One day I got a letter for interview in another city very far from my place. I was frantically trying to put together my clothes but what I really needed was missing. Yes, A SKIRT. I had this blazer but with no matching skirt. I spent half day mall hopping with no result. So I decided to buy a fabric and made my self a SKIRT. And off I went for the interview.
So, if you happened to be in the same situation like I had but with novice skill of sewing, what would you do? Exactly make a skirt for yourself...:D. Here's the simplest way to make your self that flowing flirting skirt. Ok, shall we start now...

What you need:
* 1.5 meters of fabric (if you want the flowing flirting one, try crepe or poly cotton fabric) * Sewing notions: scissors, pin, newspaper, measuring tape, pencil, thread, etc and of course a sewing machine:) * elastic
How to:
1. Measure your HIP + 2" (for wiggle room) + 1 " (seam) .  My result…

DIY Quilting Rulers and a runner

I made my own DIY quilter's ruler. All these time whenever I want to do some patchwork projects I  measure the fabric manually, mark it, draw the line  and cut it. It takes such a long time which sometimes discourage me. I've been searching for one here in my town and asking my friends who lived in the bigger city but couldn't find it. So I tried many methods like using a card board but the problem is you can't see through it and sometimes it's end up all wonky :P.

So, I made my own from a thick transparent plastic cover from my old diary.

I carefully measure it 5" x 5" and cut it. Then I mark the grid 1/2" apart and voila my quilting ruler is ready.

Though I' m still using the pencil & scissor but at least it makes my work faster LOL. I know I could buy the rotary cutter from the net, but again I'm not sure whether it's allowed or not by the India Post. And searching though Ebay India is also NIL...:S.

And here's what I made :

I …

my patchwork pillows

Just a quick post, since my laptop battery is running out...yeah, again our electricity supply's gone dead for the last 36 hours...eeerrrgghhhhh..Thank God for the mobile modem..:P

Anyway, sometimes back I stumbled upon this lovely tutorial at Bright and Blithe about 9 disappearing patch.
There's more tutorial HERE and HERE

It looks so easy and finally I got a chance to try it cos my sofa badly needs cushion covers and I don't want to buy the usual one from the shop. So here what I came up with

Thanks Gina for sharing such a lovely Tutorial:)

Mother's Day

It’s a bit late to post but I haven’t got time to write this earlier. Last Friday, both my sons told me that they got a surprise for me and said “but Miss said to give it to you on Sunday”.  As a good encouraging Mom, I gasped and said “’m curious now”. They laughed away and insisted only to show me on Sunday and told me not to peek they school bag (Well, actually I saw it while I was checking their school diaries).  The next day, they couldn’t keep the ‘little secret’ much longer, they came to me and showed me the handmade cards they made in school for mother’s day occasion and told me “This is the secret but I will only give it to you tomorrow, ok”. I stifled a laugh and  said “Wow, beautiful cards darling…thank you” J And here’s what they gave me (on Sunday) with a kiss and “Happy Mother’s Day” chorus:

I went through my elder son’s school work sheet and there’s this sentences explaining about MOTHER and FATHER. It went something like this: Father works hard and earns for…

What I've been up to

yeah...what I've been up to? Well..nothing so exciting actually. I told you I slammed my thumb in the car's door when I went to the capital. And somehow it was so badly slammed, after a week of throbbing pain, it turned absolutely black and after a month (now) the new one started to come out and pushing the damaged one out The bad news is the other side of the nail is still sticking there stubbornly so I just cut off the one which already dangling. Now my thumb looks sooooo U*G*L*Y...but then I'm free from bandages and can work normally or so to say.

And as usual internet connection is always the constant problem. During these pre  monsoon months we experienced lots of rain and storm, which of course - as expected - in turn the phone cable got tangled or I dunno somewhere and my connection just went DEAD. I have to depend on my DH's mercy...yup, he got one of those mobile modem. So practically I got 2-3 hours a day to spend on the net. Which is NOT enough...LOL..what w…