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Weekends Update

I haven’t been well for the last 4 days..:( But today I feel much better after taking much needed rest & just relaxing with the kids. The General Election in our state has come and gone yesterday. I don’t have voting rights so I just enjoyed the holiday but doing spring cleaning, throwing lots of broken toys and torn magazines. Rearranging the store room and my verandah so I have a little space to display my stuff, just in case someone want to come and take a look at my stuff. All these time I just kept them nicely folded in the trunks..:D

I also found few fabrics from my making-pouch-days. I made few pouches for swap with my Indonesian friends when I went home last January and I made for my sisters too.

They made of handwoven cotton and some made of Indian Silk brocade . Handwoven cotton is most sturdy if you want to make bags or purses. I usually made my son’s summer shorts from this type of cotton too. It’s very comfortable.
I have listed few Indian Fabrics HERE.

Anyway, the yellow…

Kid's Mail Swap: Got 3 of them so far

My elder son likes to play "office office", which mean he has his own office "set up" and on "office day" (which mean holidays) he will dress up and sit in his "office table" pretending to write or just doing computer's work. he also collects his father's or uncle's junk letters to put his briefcase.

So Rizqi was so excited the moment my DH gave him 3 envelopes!. He saw HIS NAME was written on it..NOT his father's name or his uncle's ( we live in join family).

Yup, he got his first installment of the KID''s MAIL SWAP: 3 letters from Australia...he's so excited that he kept them in the folder, neatly and carry it around the house and showed them off to everyone...^_^

From Luca "Ooww...this is Train" he squeels "and this waterfall is just like our Shillong one". and his name pasted on the card made him moreexcited.
From HugoRizqi carzy about stickers too...thanks a lot. He sticks them in his (stee…

Good morning Thursday

Sometime back I went to my regular "button shop" and got a very nice book. Well, VINTAGE pattern book. My "button shop" is a very tiny little shop with lots of sewing and crafting supplies stuffed in here and there. There's hardly any place for us customers to stand. This one particular shop is always rush though. Oneday I happened to ask them if they have pattern book (foreign one) and they told me to come back after fewdays. Fewdays later I came again and he showed me this vintage pattern book...~awwwww~..It's dusty but the pattern is still intack neatly on the back cover...OOohh how I love it....:D

I almost finished with the frock. I made the 3 similar frocks this time, cos from my last exhibition lots of people seems to love this type of frock. Still have to do the handstitching part and some embroidery though. I'm getting better with ruffles ~yay!~ Sometimes the ruffle just doesn't get even at all..and I have to do it all over again..:D anyway, …

Wednesday Update

I'm in the middle of doing another sewing projects, got stuck for awhile cos I forgot to cut the fabric for the bow..hmm maybe because my tummy is screaming hunger all the time..:P. Anyway, after lunch I dont feel like finishing it..I mean after the heavy lunch I tend to feel very sleepy, so I turn on my netbook and started browsing the FB (I know!! FB is really fun but also time consuming :D), then a bit of blog hopping, check my ETSY and Another ETSY I run with my best friend, Wulan. Both of us sort of MAD about Indian rich culture ( I think that's why God gifted us our DH..:D). Everyday we discuss about different projects, too bad we live in a different city..:(
Today is Bihu holiday so my DH's at home and the kids just cling on to him all the time, and I can do my sewing peacefully hehehhe...The boys have been wanting to make Tom and jerry mask. So today 3 of them got down and made the masks. Dh helped them doing the drawing and cutting and my elder one is doing the col…

a quick post: HAPPY EASTER ~Edited~

Just a quick post to wish you all a HAPPY EASTER!!...:D

The past week's been very hectic. Finishing all the custom order I received during my exhibitions, everyone want it to be done before 14th since it's our NEW YEAR..err..Assamese New Year and more tunics to make.
These are 2 of them:

Oh and we sent out the KID's MAIL SWAP 2 days late because of BLAST in our neighborhood which make all of us stunned and speechless. It was a terrible terrible thing!!!!!... My son's handmade cards. I let him choose the embelishments and he loves my trims and buttons so much I literally have to stop him cutting them..LOL

On top of that, my elder son's school has started and he got so excited cos the 1st time he goes by school bus. Thank God, he could get up early on the 1st day it self..LOL . He's a late raiser otherwise, which makes everyone worried, esp. his grandmother (I live in join family). Anyway, all went off well in the 1st day.. Waiting for the bus

Aww...I took lots of pho…

What are you doing in a "MELA"?

This week is my second week in the Mela with a different group. Here, all these craft shows, exhibition, melas are organized by group. Some organized by state government. The private groups usually run by few ladies, who are homemaker and run their business from home. Well, most of them are elderly ladies..:D The first day was fun. I got lil customers who liked my skirt very much that she didn't want to take it off and she also like my yellow dress.

Yesterday was my second day, the weather was so bad. Rain thoughout the day, there was even a hail storm in the morning. My elder son got so excited, he screamed "Mama, it's snowing it's snowing"..LOL..poor fellow, he never sees snow as yet..:P

the white hails
All of us sellers really feel very down but thankfully towards the evening the rain stop and the weather improved. It was such a boring day when there's no people streaming in to the stalls, and we were -sellers- just chatting away or just reading some magazine…