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Today’s craft

Yesterday I cut few pieces of fabric to make zipper pouch. But only 2 are done today, plus 4 fabric coasters. My working time usually  not start until my younger son goes to school at about 10.30 am. After a nice hot cup of tea & few biscuits, I usually start doing what I set out to do that day. At times, I can get very lazy and one more thing, I avoid opening my laptop when I have sewing work to do..^_*. Since I roughly have 1 hour free everyday, before my elder one come from school followed by the younger one. By the time they settle down (napping or playing with his crayons), it’s already 3 pm. If they are agreeable, I can continue my sewing otherwise it has to wait for a couple of days.

So, today being one of those hectic day, only these stuff I finished. The bright pink stripe zip pouch is made of south Indian hand woven cotton – my favorite . Both the pouches are interfaced and lightly padded, so it’s safe for gadgets too.




Today I visited my friend’s blog who has finished her embroidery projects. She did bullion stitch on one of her shirt, which is very cute and she’s done a very nice embroidery.  She’s also done smocking which is very pretty. This remind me of my unfinished smocking projects. I have done the smocking embroidery, but I haven’t got around to sew the dress..I know it’s very bad habit *_*

Mbak Pingkan2 (2)

Mbak Pingkan1 (2) 

Good nite for now…~_~


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Tutorial: Make your own flowing skirt

I remembered when I just passed college and was looking for a job. One day I got a letter for interview in another city very far from my place. I was frantically trying to put together my clothes but what I really needed was missing. Yes, A SKIRT. I had this blazer but with no matching skirt. I spent half day mall hopping with no result. So I decided to buy a fabric and made my self a SKIRT. And off I went for the interview.
So, if you happened to be in the same situation like I had but with novice skill of sewing, what would you do? Exactly make a skirt for yourself...:D. Here's the simplest way to make your self that flowing flirting skirt. Ok, shall we start now...

What you need:
* 1.5 meters of fabric (if you want the flowing flirting one, try crepe or poly cotton fabric) * Sewing notions: scissors, pin, newspaper, measuring tape, pencil, thread, etc and of course a sewing machine:) * elastic
How to:
1. Measure your HIP + 2" (for wiggle room) + 1 " (seam) .  My result…

Everyone needs Family Passport Wallet

Oh yes, I know how it feels carrying 4 passports, residential permit, marriage certificate, exit permit plus my PIO card while travelling. Not to mentions the tickets - several of them since we always have to have several stop overs >_<.  The options I have are store bought leather passport wallet or the one from the travel agents, which barely survived one trip.

So, why not make one?, benchmarking from the store bought wallet, here's my straight and simple {and cute} Family Passport Wallet

This wallet can hold up to 6 passport and spacious long pocket on the sides to keep your travel documents and small change. 

It has a small swivel hook for your luggage keys (yay)
I used Indian cotton fabric and heavy interface. It's sturdy and  a wide velcro closure will keep everything in place. 
Another one I made was using this cute hot air balloon over the Eiffel Tower fabric. Bought them from this shop during my trip back home last July. 

when folded

I love that little…

Fabric Flowers

After 2 weeks of making little dresses, yesterday I was browsing the net and found lovely Tutorial on Fabric Flowers. Laurie of Tip Junkie collected few tutorials from across the blogsphere to share with us freely. Thanks a lot Laurie.
There are several fabric flowers tutorial but Multi Petal Flower   from  Sew Ritzy Titzy  I love the most.

If you like ruffled flower, you can try Sew Serendipity's summer flower. I'm yet to try that one. But I'm surely will give it a try. it looks so pretty & better than yoyo...ehm..I love yo yo flower simply because it's easy and fast to make, since I'm always in a hurry :-).

Sew Serendipity's Summer flower
Until then....Happy Sewing ^__*