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{TUTORIAL} Adding Zipper Pocket

The last two days was euphoria for me. It's the first time I got published in an online media and that too on Ecwid Blog! I was contacted by them by email early this month and was so excited about it. You can read my Behind the Scene Story in Ecwid Blog. I hope I can inspire more mothers who decided to left 9 to 5 job and pursue her dreams.

Now let's get down to the fun stuff. I got email from Patti, asking about how to add zipper pocket on the Phone Pouch. Thank you so much Patti!! Adding zipper pouch is very easy. If you already got the pattern  here is what you have to do. (if you haven't,  you can get it at the end of this post)

After you cut all your Exterior, Lining and Interfacing pieces as per pattern instructions, cut 2 extra lining pieces of Main Panel.

1. Fuse the interfacing on to the wrong side of the back exterior piece. Mark 1.5" down on one of the short end and cut.

Do the same with one of the lining piece.

2. Put the lining and exterior pieces…

More and more bag

I made few more bags/totes/wristlet these days...some I gave them to Zia for her birthday (hope she liked them..*_*). Still trying to better my zipper...and still wanna do more and more bags...but with my limited time I think it's gonna take me ages ha ha ha...Tried made one wallet which did not come out well but I liked it all the same..(hihi..muji diri ndiri nih..)
Any, here they are....

It's not 100% finished but....

Finally I got a little time to do some crafty things. I've been wanting to try making some purses n bags. So without further a do, here are the things that I've made. It's not 100% finished, I still have to put the magnetic snap but I was so excited that I want to post it here..:)

This bag is a small diaper bag. It's very convenient to take along when going out for few hours or just going for window shopping. It's quite spacious where you can fit in 2 diapers, watter bottle, wet wipes tissue, and a pair of change clothes for your little one. Made of 100% cotton material and it's washable. What's more, when your little one goes to school, it can be used as a tiffin bag...


I also made these clutch/purses with satin curtain fabric with black& white synthetic lining. Though they look small but quite spacious inside. I made one without handle and one with handle (WRISTLET).