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(Mini Tutorial) How I do my Foundation Piecing Quilted Pouch

Hello again,
I hope you all had a great weekend. Well, I did. Last Saturday the boys went to school picnic and would be back by evening. That means I have a whole day and afternoon free. Woohoo!
I was working on one custom order of mini sling bag, but my mind kept wandering to the bag under my computer table. The Pandora bag (not box) that hold my  Quilted Bag Kit from my bestie, Winda. She gave it to me 2 years ago when we met in Jakarta. The kit was a bag kit and she already started making 2 or 3 blocks. So I put away what I was working on and pulled out the bag, sorting out the pieces, interfacings, batting, etc. That was on Friday evening. The next day, after the boys were out of the house and a quick housework,  I started piecing the blocks and here's my pouch. 

At first, I thought of making a tote bag after I saw this Instagram Post. Then decided to do less ambitious one first.
Here's what I learned during the weekends. 
Many blogs wrote about using Freezer Paper for fo…

A lot of Passport Covers

Hello again,

I will show you what I made a couple of days ago! Yes, I am still in 'use-my-scrap' mode. But sometimes, I could not resist esp when cutting fabrics order.

First is this Indigo blue paisley Passport Case. Everybody love paisley and I must admit, whenever I see paisley fabrics in the market, I must buy it. My suppliers even know this weakness of mine.

The second one is this  Black and Offwhite tree print which (I think) is just too cute to pass, right? It's good to gift to both man and woman. 
I simply love this green passport holder. The color, the print, the color combination, all of it. I still have quite a bit of this print, I might make a single passport wallet or a family version too.

This Aqua Green fabric I keep for quite a while. Recently I started making fat quarter bundles for the both my Etsy and Chezvies Shop. While cutting this, I decided I must keep a little bit and voila! This print and color don't always available in the market. I hope nex…

Pre-cut fabrics

Hello again,
I am still destashing fabrics and make them into fun and unique fat quarter bundles. I cut quite a lot but have not got time to create all. I got a few bundles which are ready to list. 

Indian fabrics have such an interesting prints and unimaginable range of colors, that sometimes you don't need other colors or prints to compliment them.
Although nowadays, many novelty prints also make an appearance in Indian block print fabric, I personally still prefer the classic timeless prints. 
Like this Indigo Fabric. 
Or these lavender pink fat quarter bundle. This kind of prints (with paisley design) usually will always be available. In India, during the summer month, people prefer white of or off-white based cotton fabric. 

I am making a few pouches and passport sleeve from some of these pre-cut fabrics. They are just super fun and fast! 
Here is one of them. Isn't that cool? It's totally one of a kind!!
Come to think of it, there are just so many things you can mak…

More DIY Block Print Pouches

I completed 2 more pouches using the fabric I printed last month. This time I made a medium size zipper pouch and a kindle cover. 
I used indigo processed jute fabric for the combination. I really love the fabric and have been waiting for the perfect project. 

The bells are quite cute, aren't they? I think I may make more in different colors, maybe orange, yellow or green. I already have a red one, which I have not found a perfect match for it. 

I used my own Kindle Cover pattern  and added a short strap, just long enough to carry it like a purse. The kindle size is the favorite of many, because the size is perfect, for a mini cross body bag, perfect for both adults and children. 

As for the zipper pouch, this time I attached the zipper with reference to Noodle Head Tutorial. I really love the method.

I used a metal zipper. It was a bit fiddly to do the zipper, but I found an effective way to do it. I didn't take any photo, but I promise I will share in my next blog po…

Mini Zipper Pouches

Hello again,
Yesterday I spent my day cutting interfacing scraps and how! I used my regular rotary cutter and cutting 2-3 layers of woven interfacing at one go. I must admit, it took up a lot of energy!
I ordered an electric cutter online last week and they said they will deliver it by 2nd of November. But at night, DH brought my electric cutter and I was so excited. Today morning I tried cutting several more interfacing, fabrics, and lining fabric. I LOVED it! I can cut 9 -10 layers of regular cotton and around 6 layers of woven interfacing at one go!! Howzzaat! 
 And out of excitement, I made these cute mini pouches today.   Two of the pouches are zipper tissue pouches and one coin pouch.  You can find the mini zipper tissue pouch pattern HERE or go the Pattern Category in my blog. It's always fun to make things with cute and pretty fabrics, right?

I guess I made the right decision by ordering the electric cutter. It makes "batching" work so much easier. For me, cutting inte…